Live Stream

Live media streaming gives the content creator hands on control over the streaming production.

We will deliver the content to end users acting as the Internet "broadcast tower" eliminating bandwidth consumption and operating costs on your local network.

Live Transcoding

Provides the ability to ingest a live stream, decode the video and audio, and then re-encode the stream to suit the desired playback devices.

Encode the stream at your studio and send one source stream for distribution, or just use our High-End encoders.

Dedicated Servers

Leased Dedicated Streaming Servers are a powerful platform for companies that want the power and flexibility of aggregating billing, and having ultimate flexibility in your services...

Revenue Stream

Castgraph provides broadcast stations that require pay-per-view access to their streaming content a turnkey solution that enables them to sell subscriptions to their content streams.

Who need help?

We help support leading organizations with superior media applications in a wide range of industries:

Media Applications

  • Mission Critical, Global: Media Hosting and Delivery Services
  • Mission Critical, Global: IDC, Server Colocation, Bulk Bandwidth Services
  • Internet Media Consultation: Planning, Implementation, and Feasibility Consultation
  • Digital Rights Management and Subscription Solutions
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Audience Measurement and Ranking services
  • Audience Driving/Development Tools and Services
  • Ad Placement/Sales Tools and Services
  • Streaming Media Reselling and Affiliate services for value added technology providers
  • Corporate /NGO/Governmental communication
  • Audio/Video Internet Presentations, Training and Addresses


  • Traditional Commercial TV and Radio
  • Traditional Community/Public/National based TV and Radio
  • Internet Only Radio and TV/Video,
  • Multimedia and Content Producers
  • Diaspora and International Media Outlets
  • Corporate, Government, Non Governmental Organizations and Foundations
  • Educational Institutions

Professional Streaming Media Services for the Smartest Businesses on the Internet

These are just some of the wide variety of services that we support. If you are looking for something you don't see, check out our services page or give us a call. Affordable. Reliable. Scalable.

Audio & Video Streaming

Support for multiple servers

Live Streaming

Multiple solutions available

On Demand Streaming

Flexibility of content

Broadcast Monitoring

Analytics right at your fingertips

Custom Players

Players built for reliability


Provide access as you see fit